School Prom Photography

We are photographers from Mid Kent with experience of venues from Kent to Dorset to Sheffield. The area we cover really depends on you and your attendees.

Turning professional in 2008 after 30 years in public service we pride ourselves on our easy going attitude to people and our willingness to give you what you want.
So if you are after a school prom photographer why not give us a try?
Our prices can start from as little as £5* per pictures for an on the night sale.
We offer an advance sale vouchers which help you pay for the photographs in advance.
Multi viewing stations are brought along on the night to try and prevent people having to Que..
Wireless transmission mean that you can view your pictures almost instantaneously.
But there is no obligation to purchase.If you do decide to purchase a photograph our state of the art printing system means you can collect the prints within a few seconds of it being ordered.The prints are placed in a mount and a presentation bag for you.

Pictures are on online after the event so you can purchase extra prints if you want them.



Indoor Group Photos


So what does it cost you?

Well nothing for our attendance.

All we ask from you is that you allocate us space to set up our mobile studio and viewing stations.
Also that you inform the people attending that we are going to be in attendance and of our advance purchase voucher arrangement.

*School Prom Photograph prices:

On the night:
8 x 6 = £8
6 x 4 = £6

Via a pre paid voucher:
8 x 6 = £7
6 x 4 = £5

Via the internet:
8 x 6 = £8 plus £2.99 postage and packaging
6 x 4 = £6 plus £2.99 p & p
other sizes available upon request please P & P


Hi Res Res = £15

Low Res    = £10



Outdoor Group Shots